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Green as well as Blue as well as Red

Lawrence Weiner
Zédélé Éditions
Artists' Books
12 × 17 × 0.5 cm

“The book came about because of an exhibition of the work at jack wendler’s gallery in london. I asked jack if he would make a book & and he said yes. He found a printer & the book was made.” Lawrence Weiner

Lawrence Weiner is one of the historical figures of conceptual art, that language is the medium par excellence of art in the form of statements, where the key role in his work by the printed design catalogs of artists’ books themselves. fifty since 1968 Lawrence Weiner is one of seven artists who participated in the famous publication / known exposure to Xerox Book, published in New York in 1968 by Seth Siegelaub and John W. (Jack) Wendler. The Xerox Book was one of the portents of conceptual art. That same year, with the help of Louis Kellner Foundation, Siegelaub published the first book artist Weiner: STATEMENTS. A few years later, in 1971, Jack Wendler’s former partner Siegelaub, left New York for London. It did not take long to present its first exhibition, which consisted of a printed cardboard Lawrence Weiner, and early the following year, he placed his own exhibition space. In 1972 he also published his ninth book artist Weiner: GREEN AS WELL AS BLUE AS WELL AS RED .

As said Weiner: THE BOOK IS BORN AN EXHIBITION OF WORK GALLERY WENDLER JACK LONDON . I’VE ASKED IF JACK WANTS TO MAKE A BOOK AND HE SAID YES. HE FOUND A PRINTER AND THE BOOK WAS MADE. This simple statement is consistent with the type of book published. GREEN AS WELL AS BLUE AS WELL AS RED was, as his eight predecessors, a container for verbal directions concise. When asked to write two or three lines on the origins of this book, Weiner said: THERE IS NOTHING TO SAY. A BOOK IS A BOOK AFTER ALL. He added later: A BOOK ABOUT FOR ITS CONTENTS. MAYBE NOT AT ALL SHELF ON WHICH IT IS. And finally, since this is a “little red book”, MAYBE IS A PURE CHANCE IF IT LOOKS LIKE ONE OF THE BOOKS OF MAO).

  1. Green as well as Blue as well as Red

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