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Dreamland - Rance, Donald

Donald Rance
Artists' Books
Hand Made Artist Book
20.5 × 25.5 × 2 cm

Donald Rance has broken the mold he had established with “the city archive project” of boxed, unbound artist books. This new title is a bound board book, constructed from heavy board with exotic handmade papers adhered to form frames on each spread. A single colour copy of an original b/w found image is presented at each turn of the page. Dreamland creates a pictorial narrative beginning with an establishing shot of an older woman standing in front of a residence, followed by an empty living room, which leads to a series of images featuring a single woman in progressively more youthful stages until the older woman has aged backwards into a little girl. The final image shows a commercial city block with a neon sign flashing Beer, Liquor, Dreamland.

  1. Dreamland - Rance, Donald

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