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F.U.N. Frogs United in Nihilism: Club Guide Book

Yvon Julie
Artists' Books
11 × 14.5 cm

Hey Kids! Are your parents getting on your nerves? Having a hard time at skool ? Is it getting to the point where all you can think about is inflicting your own pain onto others? Well now you can!

The moment of your salvation has arrived with the release of the official “F.U.N. (Frogs United in Nihilism) Klub Guide Book”. Inside, klub members can re-educated themselves in all the fundamentals of being in F.U.N, such as history, geography, and learning how to operate automatic weaponry.

Ill-Legal Disclaimer: As an imaginary and foreign organization F.U.N exercises immunity from local laws and legalities of Kensorship, copyright, and reality. F.U.N. denies any responsibility for mortal injury, death, and general badness that may result from the reading of this publication.

  1. F.U.N. Frogs United in Nihilism: Club Guide Book

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