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2 Radio Solos

Michael Snow
Blackwood Gallery

Originally recorded and released on cassette in 1988, “2 Radio Solos” employs a radio as instrument to create 2 different solo compositions. Michael Snow elucidates:

“These 2 short-wave pieces are both “played” continuous improvisations. There was no editing, no post-facto electronic alteration. The sounds were found by paying intense attention to fate tuning in and out and between stations, changing bands, bass, treble and volume. The radio played is a circa 1962 Nordmende (pictured). The gradual change in pitch and speed on SHORT WAVELENGTH is an “accident”: batteries were losing power during recording. The tapes were made at night in a remote North Canadian cabin lit by a kerosene lamp……………” – Michael Snow

  1. 2 Radio Solos

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