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A Wikipedia Reader, 2009

David Horvitz
Artists' Books
28.2 × 41.3 cm

This second “Wikipedia Reader” follows the travels within Wikipedia of another group of diverse artists, producing a mental map through a string of articles. The articles appear in the order they were traveled and as they appeared at the time, a mere moment in the continuously revised and updated existence inductive of user generated content. The decisions that each contributor made produces not only an interesting array of subjects but also serves as a kind of supplemental reader to their own creative practice. Fascinating and informative.

Contributions from: Paul Branca, Dexter Sinister, Barbara Ess, Fillip, Rob Giampietro, Marc Handelman, Zach Houston, Adam Katz and Julia Scherman, Brian Kennon/2nd Cannons Publication, Chosil Kil, Alex Klien, Marisa Olson, Paul Pieroni, Laurel Ptak, Eileen Quinlan, Michael Smoler, Jamie Stewart, Oraib Toukan, Lia Trinka-Browner, Jen Delos Reyes, Rafae Rozendaal, Ryan Waller, Amy Yoa.

The first 3 copies include a colour photograph by David Horvitz.

“A Wikipedia Reader” was commissioned by the Art Libraries Society of New York for the Contemporary Artists Books Conference at Printed Matter’s 2009 NY Art Book Fair. Abridged.

  1. A Wikipedia Reader, 2009

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