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Terrain vague. Persistent images

Uriel Orlow and Celine Condorelli
Alexandria Contemporary Image Forum
Artists' Books
20.5 × 28.8 × 1 cm

Terrain vague. Persistent images gathers works by Céline Condorelli and Uriel Orlow in a multi-voice artist book conceived by Sophie Demay and Lola Halifa-Legrand. It explores blind spots, unexpected epilogues and disappearances in the grand narratives of History; starting from Alexandria and the Suez canal in twentieth century Egypt. Composed of four stories, the book engages with the constitutive movements affecting time and space: movements of people and goods, the flow of capital, political movements, removal of statues (and regimes) and migrating species. As a complement, the last chapter assembles contributions from Bassam El Baroni, Marianne Hultman, Jean-Marie Straub, Gilane Tawadros.

  1. Terrain vague. Persistent images

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