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Noise: A Non-Ference Supplement

Alec Hall
Artists' Books

“Whether a garbage truck motor, an intrusion of unreadable data, smudges on a lens, or unwanted sound, noise is a persistent feature of perception. Rather than trying to minimize its presence, how does an embrace of the uninvited/unwanted feel?”

In March 2013, Qubit presented a two-day festival in New York, celebrating noise in a wide array of visual, sonic, performative and written works from more than 50 international artists.

You can now purchase the Noise Non-ference Package, containing the reader, a color newsprint supplement, and a souvenir ticket/bookmark. The book contains 137 numbered pages, featuring an extensive list of festival programming, participant’s biographies, and written contributions from:

Alec Hall, Martin Iddon, Bethany Ides and Mitchell Akiyama, John Dombroski, Alessandra Radicati, Kevin Day, J. Milo Taylor with George Brock-Nannestad and Dirk Specht, Roddy Hawkins, Todd Kesselman and Adam Potts.

  1. Alec Hall

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