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The Coming of Age

Cara Benedetto
Artists' Books

In an effort to dissolve the notion of ‘coming’ as used in phallocentric economy Benedetto’s work hopes to stimulate a discussion on the importance of women’s desires and sexuality as abundant, fluid, and multiple. In the past year Benedetto has created promotional materials around a romance novel they may or may not ever be written, including a teaser trailer, wiki page, several press releases, billboard ad, sales pitch, and tare sheets, as well as the novel itself.

The Coming of Age, the romance novel in body and being is structured the same, highlighting various comings, occurring as a series of small pressures or processes that leads to more.

Benedetto is an instructor, not for profit worker, and performance artist. She is currently a Visiting professor at Carnegie Mellon University. She has exhibited at Chapter NY, ICA Philadelphia; Taxter and Spengemann, NY; Night Gallery, LA; Laurel Gitlen, NY; and Metro Pictures, NY.

  1. The Coming of Age

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