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Art and the F Word: Reflections on the Browning of Europe

Sternberg Press
Artists' Books
4.5 × 7.5 in
352 pages

Timely and provocative, this publication edited by curator Maria Lind and the collective WHW (What, How & for Whom) continues the debate on the startling increase of nationalism across Europe. Commenced in 2012 with the project “Beginning as Well as We Can (How Do We Talk about Fascism?),” Art and the F Word features several social and artistic projects by cultural critics, curators and artists from Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, Jordan and Germany investigating the language of politics and philosophy, popular vocabularies, social contexts, media, science, aesthetics and the potential of aesthetic experience to question reality and upset the political and ideological resignation that too often results in the loss of control over the direction of social transformation. Compelling essays by Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Petra Bauer & Sofia Wiberg, Barnabás Bencsik, Boris Buden, Maria Lind and Tensta konsthall, Jelena Vesi´c and WHW, augmented with black-and-white photographs of projects and installations.

  1. Art and the F Word

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