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One Valencia Lane

Bettina Davis
Badlands Unlimited
Artists' Books
11.2 × 17.5 × 0.7 cm
122 pp

“An antidote to the comparative ocean of mass-produced and self-published smut”
—ELLE Magazine

Greta lives a life of leisure in New York City with her hot but boring workaholic husband, Landon. One night, the mysterious Sir Dannlo invites her to a mansion upstate, where Greta finds herself indulging in pleasures her marriage can’t fulfill.

One Valencia Lane by Bettina Davis is one of the New Lovers, a series of short erotic fiction published by Badlands Unlimited. Inspired by Maurice Girodias’ legendary Olympia Press, New Lovers features the raw and uncut writings of authors new to the erotic romance genre. Each story has its own unique take on relationships, intimacy, and sex, as well as the complexities that bedevil contemporary life and culture today.

Each novella in the New Lovers series is an independent story of about 12,000 – 18,000 words in length. One Valencia Lane is an Eyes Wide Shut-esque tale where appearances are deceiving & a sexual awakening comes from the least expected place.

The design of New Lovers pays homage to the classic covers of the books published by Olympia Press. The “soft-touch” lamination and embossed lettering on the front covers of the paperback editions make these novellas a precious edition to any library. Both paperback and ebook editions feature special color endpaper artworks by Paul Chan.

Softcover, perfect-bound, b&w.

  1. One Valencia Lane

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