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Cáppatvuohta ja duohtavuohta / Beauty and Truth

Orkana Akademisk
Artists' Books
16 × 23 × 1.1 cm
88 pp
Contemporary Art

This book documents a project motivated by the understanding of art, art historical research and the professional presentation of art as distinct and yet interactive practices. Beauty and Truth/Cáppatvuohta ja Duohtavuohta originates in the research and critical perspectives emerging from The Sami Art Research Project (SARP) at UiT The Arctic University of Norway. It comprises three academic articles, eleven artists’ texts and documentation of the works specially commissioned for the exhibition Beauty and Truth/Cáppatvuohta ja Duohtavuohta, at Tromsø Kunstforening, September 23 to October 24, 2014.

The curators’ endeavours not to provide answers to the questions of what Sami art is or ought to be emerges as liberating, as it allows for a focus that concentrates on the individuality of works, as well as the contexts implicated by them.

Hanne Hammer Stien, Billedkunst No. 5, September 2014.

In both Sami and English, the books contains an introductory essay by Hanna Horsberg Hansen, two in depth essays by Irene Snarby and Tone Tingvoll, as well as written contributions from the participating artists.

Perfect-bound, softcover, b&w and colour.

  1. Beauty and Truth

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