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Counter-Signals 2: Hieroglyphs of the anti-commodity

Jack Henrie Fisher
Other Forms
Artists' Books
6.5 × 23.5 × 1.5 cm
220 pp

Counter-Signals is a periodically produced journal addressing, in variable iterations, convergent aspects of design, media, and politics.

The second issue — Hieroglyphs of the anti-commodity — documents and theorizes forms of militant aesthetics in the histories of art, labor, and typography, among other things. The issue includes contributions from Alan Moore, Chris Reeves, Lucy Mulroney, T’ai Smith, Lisa Vinebaum, Eirik Steinhoff, Nane Diehl, Jennifer Scappettone, Francesco Marullo, John A. Tyson, David Bennewith, Charlotte Taillet and Joel Colover, Josh MacPhee, Christopher Burke, Chris Lee, Tom Fisher, Alexander Negrelli, Nellie Kluz, Juliette Cezzar, TXT-books, and Bertolt Brecht.

Sodtcover, perfect-bound, b/w
Edition of 500

  1. Counter-Signals 2
  2. Counter-Signals 2
  3. Counter-Signals 2

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