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The Artist Cookbook Vol. 1

Carrie Perreault
Carrie Perreault
22 × 25.5 cm
118 pp

The Artist Cookbook Vol. 1 contains 58 recipes, from 52 artists collected from across Canada. Along with the recipes artists submitted, came personal stories and unexpected glimpses into each of their lives. Some of these narratives have made their way into the book.

The recipes included are varied, yet respect an entry-level skillset, without compromising taste or aesthetics (we’re artists! this is important to us). When selecting the recipes I found that a few ingredients showed up time and again and became staples, so I would suggest stocking up on some of these items, including: Parmesan cheese, garlic, onions, parsley, eggplant, and of course, lemons.

More often than not, personal recipes come from a place of love and are attached to memories. I hope the ones I have selected for this book find a home alongside you. My wish is that you continue these traditions, and engage in the sharing and memory-making that meals provide us.

  1. Artist Cookbook

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