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Bloordale Beach Holiday Postcard - Chanukah

Shari Kasman
6 × 4 inches

Bloordale Beach holiday postcard! If you haven’t heard about this beach, it’s a landlocked oasis in the west end of Toronto.

Front side full color photograph, reverse side black and white.
Each postcard has its own holiday-appropriate caption:

Bloordale Beach is the ideal spot for a socially distanced Chanukah gathering. Though Toronto is a little chilly in December, hot, sizzling latkes keep everyone warm on the inside at this west end oasis. Beachgoers fill themselves with sufganiyot and Chanukah gelt, because oy gevalt, imagine how cold they’d be if they ate ice cream and popsicles!

  1. Bloordale Beach Holiday Postcard - Chanukah

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