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Documents from Gordon Matta-Clark's personal library

Stefano Graziani
20 × 30 cm
32 pp
Architecture, Books on Books

This book recounts Stefano Graziani’s experience of finding Gordon Matta-Clark’s personal library while exploring the CCA Collection.

The library consists of seventy publications that cover a wide range of subjects from architecture and art history to alchemy, communications, cultural studies, literature, philosophy, and psychology.

In the first volume of the CCA Singles series, Graziani selects thirty titles that convey Matta-Clark’s universe.

CCA Singles are short printed one-offs that present one voice, one object, or one event. Ranging from raw source material to edited topical reflections, they propose intimate contact with ideas generated or collected at the CCA.

  1. Documents from Gordon Matta-Clark’s personal library

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