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Raising Frogs for $$$

Jason Fulford
The Ice Plant
Artists' Books
24 × 30 × 28.8 cm

Jason Fulford has arranged his third collection of photographs into eight distinct chapters that may be read as a game, a series of essays, an abstract visual narrative – or all of the above. The design of the book is rigid and deliberate, while its meaning is flexible. “The intention of this edit and layout,” Fulford explains, “is to create as many relationships as possible between the pictures as well as the chapters. I like the idea of a meticulously planned-out event that remains unpredictable.” The work in Raising Frogs for $$$ was selected from his personal archive, taken between 1997 and 2005 in various countries. He lives in Brooklyn and Scranton, PA, and is a cofounder of J&L Books.

  1. Raising Frogs for $$$

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