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how to write I Stefan Ripplinger, Schiefe Bahn – Künstler, die schreiben | Going Astray – Artists who write.

Stefan Ripplinger
Wien Lukatsch
Artists' Books
17 × 24 × 0.7 cm

Project “how to write” is to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the gallery and bookshop Wien Lukatsch. The project consists of an exhibition series and a publication series with texts by artists. Thereby it draws upon the concept of the gallery to think artworks and books as one, to show them together and to publish books by artists.

“how to write” is dedicated to the writer Gertrude Stein, who is influencing countless writers and artists up until now.

To inaugurate the publication series of the project, writer Stefan Ripplinger was invited to reflect on artists who write. He initiates a discussion on the possibilities writing bears for visual artists.

  1. how to write I 

Stefan Ripplinger, Schiefe Bahn – Künstler, die

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