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Shary Boyle: Venice 2013

Shary Boyle
National Gallery of Canada
20 × 29 × 1.5 cm

With the selection of Shary Boyle, Canada sends one of its most acclaimed artists as its representative at the 2013 edition of the Venice Biennial. One of country’s most innovative creators, Boyle works in a diversity of media, including fine craft, drawing, installation and performance. Blending historical narratives and fantastical fictions with her own personal impressions, she creates imaginary worlds that elicit a range of psychological and emotional responses. A consummate object maker, Boyle’s finely honed skills are disquietingly wed to a beguilingly poetic tone and a thoroughly contemporary sensibility. This original publication features new works created expressly for the event and is accompanied by a scholarly essay and an interview with the artist. Printed on heavy gloss paper, the publication’s many dozen double-page illustrations of Boyle’s sculptures, drawings and installations are fully accessible and leap out at the viewer.

  1. Shary Boyle: Venice 2013

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