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The Significance of the Photographic Image in a Filmic Context

Paulius Petraitis
Artists' Books
11.5 × 18 × 0.8 cm

Accompanied by Titled by Niko Princen.

Most recent debates about the impact of digitalization on photography either advocate a rupture between analog and digital, or deny that there are any differences at all. The present project, however, wants to emphasize the continuity of several cultural aspects without denying the differences between the two ways of image-making. Paulius Petraitis’ text follows a trajetory around a less focused relation in film and photography and adds both to the so-called “classic” understanding of photographic images, as well as rejecting any rupture in the current cultural perception of photography.

— Sahar Askari

  1. The Significance of the Photographic Image in a Filmic 


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