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14.5 × 20 cm

In today’s cities, we witness a radical spatial split between economic classes, ethnic and cultural

communities where monocultural and monogenerational interlockings emerge. We wish to reveal forms, practices and milieus of heterogenization which question and reconfigure urban, social and cultural homogenization. AA also questions how heterogeneous spaces and actions might create a common, that is to say how they might reveal radical intersections that continually reinvent the relational fabric that binds people, places, and things together. Heterogeneous spaces go beyond the representation of diversity and the collection of isolated fragments. By creating possibilities for indeterminacy these spaces act as triggers for creativity. Actions that create heterogeneity reveal the possibility of a common through urban interventions and cultural tensions that might be identified as queer, native, ethnic, generational, economic, industrial, ecological, and so on.

  1. Heteropolis

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