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1997/Hotel1/Q: And Babies? Texts

self published
Artists' Books
15.1 × 22.2 × 1.1 cm

Four slim books are slipped into a cardboard cover. Each book functions differently. Texts is in both German and English with an interview as well as five short essays by Rick Castro, Fritz Betz, Andrea Fitzpatrick, Steve Rogenstein and Rainer Metzger. Q: And Babies is black and white photographs of baby boys; cute, odd and loaded in cultural information. 1997 is black and white photographs of men, some naked, some wistful and classic Herrmann self portraits. Hotel 1 is full colour, saturated blues and yellows all set in a rather fancy hotel room. Lustful collection.

  1. 1997/Hotel1/Q: And Babies? Texts

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