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The Yes Men Activity Book (Keep it Slick)

The Yes Men
Columbia College Chicago
Artists' Books
20.3 × 27.9 cm

“The Yes Men Activity Book” features essays, an interview, full-color illustrations, projects, a poster, and activity items including Build Your Own SurvivaBall, Make Your Own Press Passes, How Identity Correction Works, and How To Be A Yes Man. The book is released in connection with the international tour of the Yes Men survey exhibition, Keep It Slick: Infiltrating Capitalism with The Yes Men and the theatrical run and DVD release of The Yes Men Fix the World.

With contributions from John Byrne, Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez of Democracy Now!, Mack McFarland, Laura Sillars, Astria Suparak, The Yes Men.

  1. The Yes Men Activity Book (Keep it Slick)

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