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What you do will come back to you

New Romantic Music
8 × 5 cm

Lioness are an art-dance/rock trio fronted by Vanessa Fischer (vocals and synths) and backed by Ronnie Morris (bass and synths) and Jeff Scheven (drums and machines).

Lioness produce their sound, craft their costumes and stage sets as well as direct their videos and photos.

Scheven and Fischer have worked closely as director and designer for the likes of TV on the Radio, Dragonette and Death From Above 1979 as well as on the Lioness videos.

Toronto magazine Eye Weekly describes Lioness’ sound as “…sweaty death-disco grooves that are as contagious as the common cold.”

Track list:

1) Original

2) Vitaminsforyou remix

3) TMDP remix

4)Nautiluss Ides of March remix

5)Kids On TV remix

6)I.S. Morris extended remix

  1. What you do will come back to you

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