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Cabin-Time: Bogus Lake

Geoffrey Holstad
Issue Press
Artists' Books
13.5 × 21.5 × 0.2 cm

Cabin Time ( is a quarterly artist residency that takes a group of artists to remote places to camp, become best friends, and produce work for a group exhibition. Geoffrey Holstad, Cabin Time’s principal organizer, created this field guide as documentation of the residency’s second excursion: to Grand Marais, near the Northeastern tip of Minnesota.

Participants in Cabin Time: Bogus Lake include: Carson Davis Brown, Jess Bruggink, Ross Bruggink, Lucy Engelman, Ryan Greaves, Adam Foster, Rebecca Green, Dylan Gunnett, Greg Hennes, Geoffrey Holstad, Colin McCarthy, Lauren McCleary, Laura Newlon, Rand Renfrow, Jason Rood, Mary Rothlisberger, Derek Street, and Brandon Satterlee

Edition of 300

  1. Cabin-Time: Bogus Lake

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