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Triin Tamm: Retrospective

Triin Tamm
Rollo Press
Artists' Books
13 × 21 × 1.5 cm

“[A young Estonian artist] Triin Tamm began to work after noticing that there is not enough space for freedom. There is the art world with other artists, exhibitions, biennials, but this does not mean that there is plenty of fresh air. So Triin Tamm decided to approve the incoherence and multiplicity, the clumsiness next to perfectness, simultaneity and panicking cursors. (…) She allows herself the smallest crafts, tiny actions, simple writings, but also collaborations, project management, editorial adventures etc. Sometimes she works physically, engaging her body and breaking stones until exhaustion, sometimes she seems to be a pure spirit (…).”

  1. Triin Tamm: Retrospective

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