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Incredisensual Panty Raid Laff Along, Ladies Invitational Deadbeat Society (no just jacket)

Ladies Invitational Deadbeat Society
Ladies Invitational Deadbeat Society
Artists' Books
14.7 × 21 × 0.5 cm

Softcover book, colour illustrations, English text.

This handy volume gathers together materials produced during a month-long residency of the Ladies Invitational Deadbeat Society Incredisensual Panty Raid Laff Along at the John Snow House Archive in Calgary, Alberta: photographs, texts, recollections, and ephemera. Designed by Olya Zarapina, this publication also features 3 new texts by feminist scholars Jennifer Kennedy, Mireille Perron, and Amy Fung.

Sixty of the books are covered in limited edition dust jackets/posters that we printed at the Alberta Printmakers’ Society in June 2012.

  1. Incredisensual Panty Raid Laff Along, Ladies Invitational Deadbe

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