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X-TRA Volume 18, No. 3: Spring 2016

X-TRA Contemporary Art Quarterly
Contemporary Art, Reviews, Essays

X-TRA’s mission is to provoke critical dialogue about contemporary art.

X-TRA is a contemporary art journal published quarterly in Los Angeles since 1997. Edited by a collective of artists and writers, X-TRA publishes expansive features, historical essays, commissioned artist’s projects, interviews, columns, and substantive reviews.

Spring 2016 Issue:

Intentional Accidents: Reflections on Sarah Charlesworth’s Stills, Leslie Dick
Chris Burden (1946-2015), Benjamin Lord
Epic Paranoia: Drew Heitzler’s Case Study of Los Angeles, Jan Tumlir

Material Communications: Noah Purifoy at LACMA
Noah Purifoy: Junk Dada
Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art
June 7, 2015—January 3, 2016
by Katie Grinnan

Some Form of Life
Then They Form Us
Museum of Contemporary Art, Santa Barbara, CA
August 8—October 25, 2015
by Travis Diehl

Salt of the Earth: Locating the 14th Istanbul Biennial
14th Istanbul Biennial
Istanbul, Turkey
September 5—November, 2015
by Matthew Schum

Art Damaged: The Narrow Road to UHNWI, Bud Almond

The Arbor, Claire Nereim

  1. x-tra volume 18 no 3

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