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Will Holder
David Osbaldeston
Onomatopee Projects
Artists' Books
167 × 230 mm
88 pages

*David Osbaldeston and Will Holder

Chromoluc self-embossed cover by David Osbaldeston
15 full color images, 198 black/white images.

Arranged as a palindrome where text and image relentlessly interweave, Inflection Sandwich is a looping sequence of co-ordinated drawings, sculpture, typography and animation.

In a world where constructions of meaning evolve through an increasingly pluralised, digitised and mediated present, David Osbaldeston takes established modes of artistic practice as a point of departure. With subtle humour, the legacies of conceptualism, word games, repetition and image recognition are toyed with in a bid to highlight ways in which inherited forms of communication become re-authored.

If Orwell said that language should be as clear as a pane of glass then Inflection Sandwich is the dirt on the window, taking pleasure in the interference between modes of perception, systems of communication, and the subsequent confusion that unfolds.

Editors: David Osbaldeston and Will Holder
Graphic Design: Will Holder
Authors: Will Holder, Jonathan P. Watts and John Russel.


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