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The Book on Books on Artists' Books

Arnaud Desjardin
The Everyday Press
Artists' Books
15 × 22 × 2.3 cm
319 pp
Books on Books

The Book on Books on Artists’ Books is a bibliography of books, pamphlets and catalogues on artists’ books.

It takes stock of a wide variety of publications about artists’ books released since the early 1970s to draw attention to the kind of documentary trace of distribution, circulation and reception they represent. It aims to be a source book of exhibition catalogues, collection catalogues, monographs, dealership catalogues and other lists published to inform, promote, describe, show, distribute and circulate artists’ books.

This second edition comes with an addendum and new, updated material.

Second expanded edition of 1500 copies.
All images in black and white.

  1. The Book on Books on Artists’ Books

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