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Of Far Earth

Alejandro A. Barbosa
Alejandro A. Barbosa
Artists' Books
32 × 49 × 0.4 cm
48 pp

Of Far Earth is an exploration of the phenomenological stance of planet Earth as an entity that exists both within and beyond humanity’s reach. It focuses on the publication of The Blue Marble, a photograph of the planet taken during the Apollo 17 mission in 1972, which marks the last time a human being saw the Earth directly. The source material on which the volume is based comes from digitized newspaper pages that displayed The Blue Marble. One of the published versions of the photograph was blown up, fragmented, and distributed throughout the book. The implicit presence of the whole aims at problematizing environmental aesthetics while it repurposes the journal as a potential installational device.

Softcover, b/w
Edition of 15 + 5 AP

  1. of far earth
  2. of far earth
  3. of far earth

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