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Ruthless Lantern Vol. 1

Xiaoshi Vivian Vivian Qin 覃小詩
Hera Chan 陳思穎 and David Xu Borgonjon 許大小
Miss Ruthless
Artists' Books
21 × 29.8 × 0.3 cm
24 pp

Ruthless Lantern is gossip magazine with the style of 90s Hong Kong star system. Created by Xiaoshi Vivian Vivian Qin, it features contributions from 23 artists working with the contemporary art discourse of rumour mill. A publication of Miss Ruthless International, Ruthless Lantern draws on the depths of diasporic souls and takes pageantry as method.

The girl opened the door to the new world. facial mist, onion tiger, corn Phoenix. Dragon sweat, immoral details. I feel so much comfort wearing this makeup. Hard up. Cheering in the valley of darkness. There are many kinds of injuries and different ways to die. Big eye gal, Dapeng wings. Big discussion. We taste it. The end of the meeting. In fact, I think I’m holding so much empathy that I can explode any second. They pushed the trolley, in and out, in and out. They never invited me to bubble tea party after school. Kale blueberry smoothie. Hormones. Wow! No Way! Strong eggs! Raise up, don’t be a slave, Beauty! I caught a bus and went home. New Woman. She is a dream girl with superpower, she can transform into anyone she wants. In the star-studded stage, she debuts as a dog whose eyes are glued to the dog cookies. 2047. Dancing at work, dancing in the kitchen. Intensive. The spirit of independence and the will of freedom. Straightforward adventure. Automatic beauty exercises practice save time and effort. Do you really want to kill it? Flushing. Big Brother Big Papaya, Marriage Problem. Through the maze of the same cage distance.The time to never reclaim foot-blinding is now. As long as you are willing to battle, the sea is heaven, the field is yours. A 30 years old female, happier than ever, can’t wait to go home after work. Your presence will deter all the human beings around you. Super Asia. Beauty, best wishes. Because Fatfat is the only person who is allowed to be obese on television but also respected and loved. A bad girl fell from the sky to create a beautiful shining golden world.

— excerpts rearranged in the style of Dutch Schultz’s last words.

With contributions from:
Amna Asghar Doreen Chan 陳泳因 Lily Chan 陳綺伊 Viola Chen 陳宜晴 Dachal Choi 崔大察 Olivia Chow 周宛昀 COME INSIDE 來了 Eternal Dragonz (X/O) Jes Fan Christopher K. Ho 何恩懷 Ke Peng 彭可 Linda Lai 黎肖嫻 Heidi Lau 劉慧德 Wai Lau 劉衛 Siufung Law 羅小風 Fiona Lee 李穎姍 Ma Qiusha 馬秋莎 Huong Ngo 吳玉香 Ngoc Nau Jade Park 朴志允Mengli Qi 戚梦莉 Xiaoshi Vivian Vivian Qin 覃小詩 Mountain River Jump 山河跳 (Shan Huang 黃山 + He Huang 黃河) Shuango Tango Renee So Salote Tawale Ka-Man Tse 謝嘉敏 Wong Kit Yi 黃潔宜 Kristina Wong 黃君儀 Jiaru Wu 吳佳儒 Xiyadie 西亞蝶 Yu Shuk Pui Bobby 余淑培

A publication of Miss Ruthless International.

Softcover, staple-bound, colour
Edition of 300

  1. ruthless lantern
  2. ruthless lantern
  3. ruthless lantern

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