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Terremoto Issue 11: Curators on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

22.5 × 34 × 0.6 cm
104 pp
Contemporary Art, Criticism, Arts Writing

Created in 2013 in Mexico City, Terremoto is a print & online magazine about contemporary art in Latin and North America. Issue 11 critically reviews the ‘curatorial’ in various parts of the American continent.

February 12 to May 14, 2018

Sense, Attitude and Present — by Lorena Peña Brito
Lorena Peña Brito talks with Daniel Garza Usabiaga, Willy Kautz, and Víctor Palacios about the particularities of curatorial practice in Mexico and Latin America.

A Position in the Margins — by Ana Paula Lopes
Based on the curatorial practice of Frederico Morais and Walter Zanini, Ana Paula Lopes reflects on curation as an event in response to the times of dictatorship in the ’60s and ’70s in Latin America.

Carolina Ponce de León, Of the Adversity We Live — by Natalia Valencia
In an intergenerational dialogue, curators Natalia Valencia and Carolina Ponce de León discuss about the transformation of the artistic field in Colombia and Latin America.

Las buenas intenciones: Praise for the Experience of Everyday Life — by Diego del Valle Ríos
Diego del Valle Ríos, editor of Terremoto, reflects on the curation of Carlos Ashida in the exhibition ‘Las buenas intenciones’ (The Good Intentions) as an example of the possibility of slowing the pace of contemporary society.

No Going Back — by Dorothée Dupuis
For 50 years, in Mexico and then New York City where she moved in the eighties, Latin Americanist curator, former museum and non-profit director, editor and writer Carla Stellweg has advocated for a hemispheric artistic dialogue which, according to her, was never a given in the Americas. Terremoto’s director Dorothée Dupuis went to meet her at her loft in New York City’s Lower East Side.

Beyond the Biennial — by Maya Juracán
Maya Juracán writes about the curatorial methodology that will define the 21st edition of the Paiz Biennial in Guatemala.

Organization Towards a Commons — by James McAnally and Stephanie Sherman
Five years after its foundation, James McAnally and Stephanie Sherman reflect on Common Field, a US American network of artist-run spaces.

Coherence and Context: Re-Writing Puerto Rico — by Nicole Smythe-Johnson
Curator Nicole Smythe-Johnson reflects on the Caribbean and Puerto Rico and the response of the art space Beta-Local to the catastrophe caused by the hurricanes Irma and María.

Afro-Atlantic Histories — by Juliana Dos Santos
Artist and researcher Juliana Dos Santos reviews the visibility of Afro-descendant art in Brazil and then talks with Adriano Pedrosa, curator-in-chief of the São Paulo Museum of Art, about the integration of the Afro-Atlantic diaspora into the program of the most important museum in the country.

Holes of the Sexual Imagination — by Nicolás Cuello
Nicolás Cuello reviews curatorial projects in Argentina that have made visible resistance and struggle against the heteropatriarchy since the nineties.

10 Mythical Exhibitions from Latin America that Millennials Never Got to See

Softcover, perfect-bound, colour
Bilingual text in English and Spanish

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