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Ch-ch-ch-changes: Artists Talk About Teaching

David Mollin and John Reardon
21.6 × 16.5 cm
384 pp
Contemporary Art

An indispensable guide for artists, teachers and students, this volume of interviews focuses on artists teaching in Europe, bringing to light their often heroic endeavours to survive within the world of art education.

The interviews provide an intriguing and welcome insight into the world of teaching, as well as the individual character of the artist-teacher. Offering a wide range of perspectives on the frequently contentious and widely discussed teaching of art, the teachers share their experiences and the rewards of their dual-roles.

The artists have been selected from a variety of institutions including Central St Martins, London; Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow; Städelschule Frankfurt, Frankfurt; and Kunstakademie Münster, Münster. Brought together here, each artist represents a different approach to teaching.

Softcover, b/w.

  1. ch-ch-ch-changes

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