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Access All Areas

Coach House Press
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15 × 20.5 cm

From Ninjalicious, the author of Infiltration zine, comes Access All Areas, the the first published guide to the excit- ing art of urban exploration, a rapidly growing hobby that allows participants to personally experience their cities’ hidden and off-limits spaces. Through chapters on topics like sneaking around, equipping and training, readers will learn the basics of the hobby, as well as about the most popular sites for urban exploration, such as abandoned buildings, construction sites, storm drains and utility tunnels.

Always an adventurer, Toronto author Ninjalicious began his intensive, thoroughly documented approach to exploration during a lengthy hospital stay, when boredom motivated him to explore the beautiful old building’s every nook and cranny. He began publishing the zine Infiltration in 1996, in conjunction with the website, which, with nearly 2,000 visitors a day, is widely considered to be an authoritative source on the hobby of urban exploration. Ninjalicious completed Access All Areas shortly before his untimely death from cancer in summer 2005.

  1. Access All Areas

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