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All the clothes of a woman [special edition]

Hans-Peter Feldmann
Art Metropole
Artists' Books
11 × 19 cm

Originally co-published in 1999, by Art Metropole and Feldmann Verlag (Düsseldorf), The book comprises 70 black-and-white photographs, taken in 1974. Popping with the stark significance of the everyday, and the banality of life, “All the clothes of a woman” presents an oblique portrait. From flip-flops, ski boots, underwear and jeans, to sweater vests, dresses and winter coats, the book’s collected images convey a personality. Enjoying brisk sales, this book has found its way into esteemed international collections – including the National Gallery of Canada (Ottawa), and the Museum of Modern Art (New York).

Unreleased until early 2008, this special edition contains one of four black-and-white, photocopied, halftone prints glued to the title page. The images depict one of the following: a woman wearing a long dress, arms spread happily, frozen in an a moment of a joyous dance; a man wearing a hat, his dog looking at a field populated by a herd of animals; an idyllic winter scene of a church in a valley, surrounded by mountains; a short balding man, grinning and resting his hands on the shoulder and breasts of a much taller, and younger, woman.

Special edition of 30.

  1. All the clothes of a woman [special edition]

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