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Bulletins of the Serving Library #4

Dexter Sinister
Dexter Sinister
Artists' Books
16.5 × 23.5 × 1.3 cm

BULLETINS OF THE SERVING LIBRARY continues the trajectory begun by DOT DOT DOT, our previous house journal which ran for 10 years and 20 issues.

This Issue was produced under the auspices of the research program Dexter Bang Sinister at Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen, January 21 – October 28, 2012, curated by Rhea Dall. The program, devised by Angie Keefer, David Reinfurt and Stuart Bailey together with writer-critic-curator Lars Bang Larsen, was based on Lars’s just-completed PhD dissertation at the University of Copenhagen, A History of Irritated Material: Psychedelic Concepts in Neo-Avantgarde Art. In practice, a large part of the so-called research played out in the form of an exhibition set up to explore the notion of *black & white psychedelia*— halfway closing the doors of perception in order to get a better view.

Bulletins by Dexter Bang Sinister, Rob Giampietro, Malcolm Mooney and Jan Verwoert, Lars Bang Larsen, Albert Angelo, Rhea Dall and Charlotte Johannesson, The Digital Theatre, Hollis Frampton, Diedrich Diederichsen, Mark Beasley, and Francis McKee.

  1. Bulletins of the Serving Library #4

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