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Notes for an Art School

Dexter Sinister
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17.5 × 26 × 0.1 cm

A collection that was to appear in conjunction with projects alongside Manifesta6 before it was cancelled, Notes for an Art School was compiled by David Reinfurt and Stuart Bailey who make up the design team Dexter Sinister.

An anthology of essays and interviews by international artists, curators, theorists and educators on the topic ofart education. Contributors are Mai Abu ElDahab, Babak Afrassiabi, Julie Ault, Martin Beck, Liam Gillick, Boris

Groys, Olaf Metzel, Haris Pellapaisiotis, Tobias Rehberger, Walid Sadek, Nasrin Tabatabai, Jan Verwoert, Anton

Vidokle and Florian Waldvogel.

The contributors to the book rethink the goals and structure of an art school, its ideological contexts, the positioning of its students to the art world, its relationship to social and political conditions, and the level of its discursive involvement, drawing on specific examples and on their own experiences to interrogate the appropriateness and validity of existing school models.

  1. Notes for an Art School

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