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Sarah Lucas: Describe This Distance Quinn Latimer

Sarah Lucas and Quinn Latimer
Mousse Publishing
Artists' Books
12.7 × 18.5 × 1 cm

Perfect-bound, hardcover, linen-covered spine and back cover, b/w illustrations, English text.

“Distance is far, nobody said. (Somebody, surely.)” So begins Quinn Latimer’s strange, elliptical account of an exhibition and a body of work by Sarah Lucas that the poet and critic has never seen, made and installed in a city she had not yet visited. In the spring of 2012 the renowned English artist’s exhibition “NUDs” was mounted in Mexico City at Museo Diego Rivera Anahuacalli, the famed pyramid-like museum built by the muralist and architect Juan O’Gorman to house Rivera’s approximately 50,000 Mesoamerican artifacts and objects. In the summer of 2012 Latimer found herself in Elba, the island of Napoleon’s exile, where she embarked on this small, charged book, consisting of four interconnected essays where the writer limns the myriad impressions, ideas, objects, personages, and histories relevant to Lucas’s fantastically transparent yet complicated “NUDs”…

  1. Sarah Lucas: Describe This Distance

Quinn Latimer

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