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S/A (the spaghettisburg address)

Andrew McLaren
Artists' Books
13.5 × 13.5 × 1.6 cm

S/A, in spite of its title has very little in common with Roland Barthes’ S/Z. The principal text, a reconstruction of Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address (selectively anagrammed as the Spaghettisburg Address) is accompanied by graphic figures referencing the iconic prologema of that speech (Four Score and Seven…), re-cast in the spirit of Nietzsche’s thesis of eternal recurrence. Burlesque notions of spaghetti as conceptual haywire, grotesque consumption and cinematic trope (the Spaghetti Western) are played into a parodic essay in which the artist’s real-life döppelganger, the mid-1990s Texas secessionist Rick McLaren is cast as the Un-Author. Illustrated with Civil War maps and photo documentation relating to the armed 1997 standoff at the putative

Republic of Texas Embassy at Mr. McLaren’s trailer-home.

  1. S/A (the spaghettisburg address)

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