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Ghostwriter (exhibition series anthology)

Mercer Union
17.8 × 22.8 × 0.8 cm

Anthology for the Ghostwriter series (1996-1997). Five exhibitions held in the Project Room at Mercer Union in Toronto, explored the concept of artmaking and writing as interlocked processes. Pivitol to the series was the role of the visual artist as writer and collaborator. Organized by Lois Andison, Rebecca Baird, and Millie Chen. Introduction by Andy Patton. The publication contains a writing by each artist/writer: writers and artists in the series were Jamelie Hassan on Shirin Neshat; Mary Ann Barkhouse on John Abrams, Faye HeavyShield and Veronica Verkley; Gerald McMaster on Don Hall and Robert Houle; Andy Fabo on Charline Coudreau & Ann Golden, Brent Cehan and John Mclachlin; Millie Chen on Michelle Gay, Janice Kerbel and Evelyn Von Michalofski.

  1. Ghostwriter (exhibition series anthology)

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