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G.L.N Spaceship Earth

Tony Romano
Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery
14.5 × 13 cm
, Video Art, Film/Video, Sound Art

Made in conjunction with The Power Plant, Doyle and Romano have created a 7 chapter DIY video. The two central figures quietly interact in very ordinary circumstances. Whether they are hidden behind wild grass or sitting by a bubbling river, we watch the two play with synth equipment. We are voyeurs into their creative process, whereby we literally observe them as they create the soundtrack to the video we are in fact watching. Beautifully packed in faux birch bark. Presented by Snowbank Records.

From the Power Plant event description:

“The DVD documents the two artists as they compose free-form electronica while sitting in a variety of natural settings. Ambient sounds from their surroundings are sampled and looped through two synthesizers and played back live. In Highway 44, the artists sit on a rock outcropping above a main freeway, and as automobiles pass underneath, Doyle and Romano sample the sound and create a song in response.”

Videography & mastering by Mike LeBlanc.
Produced in conjunction with the Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery at Harbourfront Centre. Recorded in locations in Ontario between July and November 2004.

DVD comes in beige and light blue paper printed sleeve, hand carved by Complaint Department Printing Office.

Track / Video Listing:

Highway 44 … 3:44
Bellemy’s Field … 4:37
Bucket … 4:48
Hannah’s Tent … 4:34
Lake Ontario … 5:48
Indian River … 4:40
Trinity Bellwoods Park … 4:58

  1. G.L.N Spaceship Earth

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