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Riley and his story

Onestar Press
Artists' Books
16.5 × 23.5 × 4 cm

This is not a book. This is an invitation, a container for unstable images, a model for further action. Here is the formula : Riley and his story. Me and my outrage. You and us.

Riley was a friend in college and later served as a nurse at Abu Ghraib prison. This is a container for Riley’s digital pictures and fleeting traumatic memories. Images he could not fully secure or expel and entrusted to me.

Art can be a series of acts and challenges. Currently the artwork is an object in your hand—organized, mobile, tactile—a stable site to see information once elusive. The artist can mobilize information by provoking, listening, imagining, organizing and reorganizing. Right now, I am the artist. I want you to see what this war did to Riley. Pay attention. This experience happens right in your lap. To make it happen, you must read compassionately, then actively. Then the experience happens wherever you take this container and whenever you respond to my invitation. You and us, yes. Then you and another. This invitation is a model for veterans, families and friends to speak and share openly with each other. The artwork and artist are adaptable ; you, the tactical reader, can use this object for your own device, or you can attend to another archive in need of careful attention. This is not a book. It is an object of deployment.

onestar press and Fälth & Hässler joined their editorial and printing forces to publish this book.

This book has won the Birgit Skiöld Award of excellence at the London Artists Book Fair 09 Edition of 1000

  1. Riley and his story

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