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Between Artists: Twelve contemporary American artists interview twelve contemporary American artists.

Art Resources Transfer, Inc.
Artists' Books
15.3 × 22.8 × 2 cm


Kim Abeles interviewed by Michael McMillen

Vija Celmins interviewed by Chuck Close

Jimmy DeSana interviewed by Laurie Simmons

Judy Fiskin interviewed by John Divola

Felix Gonzalez-Torres interviewed by Tim Rollins

Mike Kelley interviewed by John Miller

Allan McCollum interviewed by Thomas Lawson

Anne Scott Plummer interviewed by Viola Frey

David Reed interviewed by Stephen Ellis

Laurie Simmons interviewed by Sarah Charlesworth

Pat Sparkuhl interviewed by Kim Abeles

Andrew Spence interviewed by Colin Thomson

Introduction by Dave Hickey

  1. Between Artists: Twelve contemporary American artists interview

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