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Collected Words from the Dictionary (Gesammelte–Verzamelde Wörter–woorden aus–uit dem–het Wörterbuch–woordenboek)

Marc Hollenstein
ArtEZ Institute of the Arts
Artists' Books
21 × 29.7 × 1 cm

This publication is a result of Marc Hollenstein’s interest in aspects of translation. Originally from Switzerland, he had to learn a new language when moving to the Netherlands. Even though Dutch is closely related to German, it is still a foreign language for a native German speaker. It could even happen to be more difficult to remember the words, which are the same in both languages, than to learn the new ones. This was the starting point for a collection of common words, that are either written identically or pronounced the same in both languages. With a vocabulary of over 6000 words, the resulting publication also stands as a symbol for the common in the two languages.

  1. Collected Words from the Dictionary (Gesammelte–Verzamelde Wörte

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