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OTHER: The Artwork of Troy Lovegates (Limited Edition)

Troy Lovegate
Artists' Books
13.5 × 18 × 1.5 cm

The limited edition Other: The Artwork of Troy Lovegatesbook is a hand-bound hardcover in an edition of 100.

The book’s cover has a two colour screenprint and has been laminated to protect the print.

The inside front and back cover (endpapers) have hand made prints created by the artist. The front cover print is a pattern which comes in two variations black or red. The back cover endpaper is a multi coloured print which is cropped at different spots throughout the edition. Due to the hand made nature of this book expect variations from book to book. Each book is unique.

The title page (character with levitating key) has been hand stamped in ink in each copy.

  1. OTHER: The Artwork of Troy Lovegates (Limited Edition)

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