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Phile Magazine Issue No. 2

Phile Magazine
Contemporary Art, Culture, Erotica

Issue No. 2 Winter 2018

Phile is a biannual journal exploring sexual subcultures, trends, and communities both obscure and well known from an overarching, sociological point of view.

Issue Two features articles, interviews, photo essays and creative writing which cover topics such as: Female Masking, Gearheads, Sex in Prison, Sexual Cannibalism, BDSM, Greek Tragedy, Queer Porn, and more. Featuring AORTA Films, Ashkan Sepahvand, Christen Vale, Erik Kostiuk Williams, Kenya (Robinson), Mat Brown, Matt Lambert, Soufiane Ababri, Tina Horn, Zak Krevitt & More!

Adrien Toubiana
Al Freeman
Alexander Coggin
AORTA films
Ashkan Sepahvand
Benjamin Freedman
Birgit Jürgenssen
Bonnie Lane
Camellia Kazi
Christeene Vale
Christian Holstad
Cupid Ojala
D. Alex Pitagora
Daniel Handal
Duncan Hannah
Eric Kostiuk Williams
Erin Reznick
Jessica Baldanza
Kate Kolberg
Kenya (Robinson)
Magdalena Suksi
Mat Brown
Matt Lambert
Natasha Gornik
Olivier Smolders
Penumbra Paraphernalia Inc.
Rebecca Cianfrini
Rebecca Morgan
Robin F. Williams
Sholem Krishtalka
Soufiane Ababri
Tif Robinette
Tina Horn
Zak Krevitt

Softcover, perfect-bound, colour

  1. Phile Issue 2

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