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Free Sample

Kelly Mark
Artists' Books
17.5 × 21.5 × 0.5 cm

Kelly Mark is founder of, an on-line art gallery, weblog, laboratory, and playground for artists, writers and curators. Here 16 contributors move off the web with a show of sculptural objects, new media art, written words and works on paper. In “Free Sample”, parts are borrowed, traded, sampled and replicated using digital media as well as techniques typical of obsessive hobbycraft. Artists include Micah Lexier, Kelly Mark, Michael Alstad, Dave Dyment, Roula Partheniou, Anitra Hamilton, Adad Hannah, Kristan Horton, Alison

Hrabluik, Jan Peacock, Andrew Pommier,

James Prior, Kelly Richardson, Mitch Robertson and Collin Zipp

  1. Free Sample

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