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Plants Do Things,

Zin Taylor
Bywater Bros. Editions
Artists' Books
12.5 × 17.5 × 0.5 cm

Sometimes an event happens which completely transforms one’s sense of reality. The unnamed character in Zin Taylor’s new book finds himself in a similar situation; only in his case it’s affecting not only his mind, but his physical body as well. Waking with a strange condition—one which slows body movements to a crawl while simultaneously amplifying all sounds to a deafening pitch—he desperately tries to make sense of his altered reality. Terrified and disoriented he clumsily makes his way through his apartment in a hopeless attempt to “reboot his system”. Unsuccessful in his quest and drained of energy he eventually finds himself face-to-face with a potted plant in his hallway. Inexorably drawn to it’s mysteries he stares at it intently—something about this plant is guiding him—to where, he’s not so sure…

At this point the narrative fractures into a bizarre range of fantastic realities involving:

The harsh truth of landscaping

HG Wells hanging out with his friends at the club

Geek plants

Rupert and his tropical fish

The beauty of succulents

Plants do things (they really do)

Epiphany? Spiritual awakening? Agricultural channeling? You be the judge. Whatever the interpretation, we know our readers will find this latest book by Zin Taylor to be his best.

This artist book also features a beautiful sequence of photographs documenting various plants in their natural (and non-natural) surroundings.

Numbered Edition of 200

  1. Plants Do Things,

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