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The Big Book

Alison Knowles
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20.7 × 25.9 × 0.8 cm

This publication documents Knowles’ Big Book project:

“The Big Book is an eight foot tall construction by Alison Knowles which has a front cover and several pages, and contains a stove, telephone, chemical toilet, art gallery, electric fan, books and other necessities of life. Alison Knowles has built the Book as a work of art to be lived in, physically and mentally, a place to contemplate useful and changing relationships.”

“I have described the beginning of The Big Book, but I cannot describe the end, because it is a potentially endless structure. When a story keeps possibilities open and relationships changing, there is no conclusion, and the hero who survives such a story must be supple, resourceful and durable. The reader can participate in these qualities by using their massive book of chance, The Big Book by Alison Knowles.”

The Big Book by Bill Wilson

Art in America July ­ August 1968


  1. The Big Book

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