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C Magazine 140

C Magazine
21 × 30 cm
72 pp
Contemporary Art, Canadian

Issue Contents

Kari Cwynar
_Editorial: Institutions _

jes sachse and Annie Wong
A Study in Concrete: Text by Annie Wong, Image by jes sachse

Natasha Chaykowski
By the Strike of a Match, or Her Good Strike of Lightning

Whitney Mashburn and Carmen Papalia
Meaningful Inclusion

K. Hart and Ashok Mathur
The Artist as Doctor (of Fine Arts)

Jenn Jackson
Historical Blinds and SITElines: Unsettling the Biennial with Candice Hopkins

Artist Project
GTA (Gentrification Tax Action)
Artists Are Leaving, 2018

Esmé Hogeveen
Helen DeWitt: Some Trick: Thirteen Stories

D’Arcy Blake
Seth Price: Danny, Mila, Hannah, Ariana, Bob, Brad

Dagmara Genda
_Conflicting Heroes: Sonny Assu, Natalie Ball, Dayna Danger, David Garneau, Leonard
Getinthecar (Nicholas & Jerrod Galanin) in collaboration with Nep Sidhu, Kent Monkman, Caroline Monnet, Jessie Ray Short, Skawennati_

Jacquelyn Ross
Lynne Tillman: Men and Apparitions

Jovana Jankovic
Yve Laris Cohen: Meeting Ground

Theresa Wang
Karen Kraven: Pins and Needles

Karie Liao
Chloë Lum and Yannick Desranleau: What Do Stones Smell Like in the Forest?

Ines Min
Germaine Koh: Home Made Home

Genevieve Quick
_Deep-Time Construction: Basel Abbas & Ruanne Abou-Rahme, Lida Abdul, Sky Hopinka, NIC Kay, Asma Kazmi, and Amanda Russhell Wallace
Barbora Racevičiūtė
Lorna Bauer: The Hand of Mee

Kendra Place
Jackie Wang: Carceral Capitalism

Ryan Josey
Lisa Smolkin and Neil LaPierre: Belonging(s)

Nasrin Himada
On Writing: in two vignettes

Jaclyn Bruneau
Artefact: Mediums

  1. C Magazine 140

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